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Privacy Policy

Dtech systems is an online marketing agency, working on latest technologies to develop smart methods in the field of digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, website development, mobile apps and games. We are offering our services to small, medium and large scale Industries with the mission Of Digital Transformation.


We applied high security standards for the private information of our website users. We keep our security up to date to ensure the security of our user’s information. We do not use user’s personal information for promotional purposes and keep them save with us with all the time with utmost responsibility.


Our system keeps intact the privacy of our user’s personal information shared with us in form of email address, contact address, number and name. Dtech systems maintain high quality standards to keep the data secure and healthy. Our policy does not allow us to use any personal information of our users for any promotional purposes. Our privacy policy also disallows us to send you emails and messages to keep you updated with our newsletters and other events. This can only be happen when users specifically give us permission for it.


Dtech systems take visitor information through Google Analytics e.g. your name, age, gender and marital status. The demographics details of Analytics help us to improve our services and quality standards and recognize our user interests & needs. You can though opt out from it and disallow us from any access to the information by changing your settings of advertisements. We at times share the demographics for surveys, analysis and differentiation purposes but everything is done by keeping user’s identity as an anonymous individual so your personal information does not get revealed anywhere.