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2020; The Year Of Mobile App Developments

The mobile app development industry is continuously expanding and growing with the advent of technology. The trends regarding the industry are continuously changing and staying aware of these changing trends is imperative to stay relevant.

Take a look at the top upcoming mobile app development trends for 2020.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    Although IoT is not a new concept but is recently gaining momentum in regards to mobile development. IoT can be defined as the increasing number of devices that are connected to the internet, a trending example of which is the home security systems which are controlled through an individual’s mobile phone.  This market is expected to reach $194 billion in 2020.  The mobile App software market is expected to see a rise in connection to IoT, in particular, the healthcare, automobile and household devices.
  • 5G Technology
    With the advent of 5G technology and its expected spread in 2020, the mobile Apps are expected to be faster allowing the inclusion of new functionalities without hampering the performance of the App.  Additionally, the increased speed can also be used by the developers at the time of development and testing.
  • Wearable Devices
    Wearable devices although not a new technology in the mobile app development industry but are gaining momentum particularly in the form of smartwatches, fitness bands etc. The new Apple watch is now integrated with the Apple Store. Hence the opportunities for developing Apps specifically for such wearable devices has just opened up.
  • Beacon Technology
    The beacon technology is expected to become an important part of the mobile app development service and is expected to expand in 2020 which would prove beneficial to app developers. An example of its applicability would be to install beacons in a retail store and its corresponding app in consumer’s phones would allow the retailer to push notifications to the consumers regarding sales, promotions, and can schedule notifications for future dates for related products. 
  • Mobile Wallets
    Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are gaining popularity in 2020. At the moment these mobile wallets are not integrated into mobile applications but with its expected growth, mobile developers need to integrate such mobile wallets into all future applications that process transactions.
  • Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing is expected to be exploited by mobile app developers around the world. It replaces the need to store data on the user’s mobile phone instead it can be stored on the cloud and can make carrying out complex tasks much easier. It also offers a more cost-effective development solution making it a useful mobile app development tool.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
    A number of applications have already shifted to augmented and virtual reality. The most popular industry is the gaming industry, for example, the extremely popular game Pokemon Go is a perfect example of augmented reality. The potential for it, however, transcend the gaming industry, brands like Sephora and Ikea are also integrating virtual reality-based applications. The future prospects in this regard even brighter.

Although this list should provide a good idea of the upcoming trends in the mobile app development industry however the list is not exhaustive. Every mobile app development company needs to stay aware and vigilant regarding industry trends and ride the wave for increased profits.  Dtech systems is a leading mobile app development company based in Riyadh. We have over 7 years of experience and an expansive portfolio of projects. For more information regarding our services please visit our website.

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