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5 Keys To Create A Successful Instagram Ad

A picture worth on Instagram could be of much worth if that receives a lot of likes or click-throughs and get the customers back to your website page to purchase your products and services. Some of the small and medium-sized businesses are still relatively new to Instagram as they have been promoting their business with Instagram ads. Instagram is also linked to Facebook as the social media giant bought it several years ago. With the passage of time, Instagram continues to grow as one of the most popular places to share memorable photos, videos, and combinations of these two. If you are struggling to get customers’ attention, Instagram is one of the places where users are spending most of their times. Advertising on Instagram wasn’t common before, but it’s probably a good idea to take into account some of the benefits of the platform. If you don’t want your ad to be ignored, or to be perceived as something that somehow gets in the way of the experience they want to enjoy. Instead, a good Instagram ad becomes a valuable piece of content just like anything else they’ll see in their feed.

1. Tell a Story, Don’t Showcase a Product

Instagram mostly consists of static pictures, but those doing the posting are often exercising considerable creativity in what they choose to share. It’s a mistake for a company if they look at Instagram as a platform to post the equivalent of a brochure. Create content that highlights the value of your product and the value addition it is gonna make during and after your customer purchase it. Use people wherever possible, and in situations that are realistic and memorable. As with any other marketing channel, success in advertising on Instagram begins with outstanding creative.

2. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a way of associating your posts with similar content that touches on the same topics. Hashtags on Instagram are even more vital than the rest of the social media. Think of all the relevant keywords that relate to your product and service categories and interests of your target audience.

3. Capitalize on Carousels

After the addition of carousels feature on Instagram. a lot of what appears on an Instagram feed contains more than a single image. This feature lets users create mini-albums of content. Advertisers could use this to further enrich their storytelling capabilities, whether it’s a “before” and “after” series of images or a step-by-step look at how their products and services work.

4. Add Videos

Instagram gives marketers different kinds of options in the content they upload. With images, one can drive great results, but short video clips let your customer look into what your products and services actually do. Some advertisers opt to use video specifically when they’re advertising within the “Stories” area of Instagram, which offers a slightly larger portion of the screen and can be woven in very subtly right after they’ve finished watching a story from one of the other people they’re following.

5. Make the Landing Page Creative

If you’ve done everything right and a customer or prospect seeing your Instagram Ad is ready to learn more. The only thing that might be obvious here is taking them to the right landing page that offers more specifics about the products and services referenced in the ad, rather than your homepage. Put some extra planning into the journey. Instagram may only be one digital marketing channel among many, but it’s an opportunity to make a big impact in one of the most visual mediums currently available. Pursue this kind of advertising opportunity with excellence, and the results could be priceless.

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