The key challenges in the project are as follows:

  • Develop a website to compete in the corporate world
  • Generate more sales and leads in the market
  • Selling Microsoft products to more customers via marketing and branding
  • Engaging people through social media platforms



  • Corporate website was designed for the client
  • Digital marketing campaigns along with search engine optimization improved the audience
  • Social media marketing increased the branding of the client
  • The client was able to increase sales through qualified leads


Some of The main features and services provided to Infratech are given below:

Admin Portal

Corporate Website:
We developed a corporate website for infratech to increase their online visibility and clientele. The website contains the details of all services provided by infratech. The services mainly include IT infrastructure, IT security and digital transformation sections.

Search Engine Optimization(Google):
SEO was done for infratech which included the following strategies: Competitors Analysis, SEO strategy, Fixing other website issues , Content Marketing strategy , Strategy for On-Page SEO ,Mobile Optimization/Responsiveness,Integration of Analytics and Webmaster,Setting up Custom reporting in Analytics,Monitoring SERPs, Strategy for off-page linking , Other SEO channels ,Keywords indexing and much more.

Admin Portal

Social Media Marketing:
Social Media Marketing was done for infratech which included the following strategies: Social media competitor analysis,Social Media Asset Profiling and reBranding, Idea generation and campaign development,Branding / custom graphic design,Content creation ,SPAM monitoring and much more.

Email Marketing:
Following was the Email Marketing plan for InfraTech: Email server setup & customization,New emails collection,Campaign & target strategy,Creative theme development,Copywriting for emails , Website signup form development, and much more.