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A Guide To Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Over the years video marketing has gained traction in digital marketing for all sorts of businesses. In this day and age, it has become such an important aspect that it can not be ignored. It has especially become extremely popular on social media platforms.

To answer the question, what is video marketing? simply put it is the use of videos to market and promote your brand or business.

The impact a video can have on potential leads is undeniable. Incorporating a video on a landing page can boost conversions by over 80%. Videos can help customers make buying decisions by 90%! Whereas 80% of marketers are happy with the ROI on their ads.

So what are you waiting for? Start formulating video marketing strategies.  Let first become aquatinted with the common types of videos used by marketers.

  • 1. Live VideosLive videos are one of the most engaging video formats. Users will stay 1.8 times longer on a live video rather than a regular pre-recorded one. The primary reason being a live video seems more genuine and real. Viewers get to engage live and submit their comments with direct interaction.
  • 2. 360° Interactive VideosThis new type of video gives the viewer an immersive experience where they can rotate the screen to get a 360° view, giving them a sense of control. Such videos are quite common with real estate and interior decorating companies.
  • 3. Video TestimonialsSharing customer testimonials is a great way to build brand trust and credibility which are one of the biggest video marketing benefits. Another option is to depict video case studies through which you can inform potential customers of how you solved problems of your customers in the past using your products/ services.
  • 4. Educational VideosSuch videos are extremely popular among companies with a more technical product or any product which requires educating the customers regarding usage. These videos are focused on details and depicting the value of the offerings.
  • 5. Brand VideosBrand videos focus on creating awareness for the brand and company. Such videos usually emphasize the company mission, vision, core values, and product offerings. These are great for introducing a new brand to customers or for the purpose of brand recall.

These are just a few of the video types being used for marketing by companies, in reality, there are multiple others being used as well. An explainer video, demo videos, social media stories are a few to name.

Creating a Video Social Media Strategy

One of the best platforms for videos is social media. Take your pick from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.  Even though videos can be used on any platform however the strategy may have to be tweaked as per the channel being used resulting in different video marketing strategies for each channel.

  • 1. Facebook
    The Facebook algorithm takes a user’s previous video watching history into account and shows users relevant videos accordingly. This makes it imperative to create videos that are relevant to your audience.Two considerations to take into account when using videos on Facebook is that firstly it’s a good idea if possible to make your video viewable without sound for silent autoplay. For this purpose adding text to your video is one option. This is particular is helpful for viewers watching in public places or during commute. Secondly, it’s one of the best platforms for relatively longer videos as the Facebook algorithm favors longer videos.
  • 2. Twitter
    Opt for shorter videos when using Twitter for video marketing as your choice of platform and try to pin the latest videos on your profile. In order to more engagement, adopt a personalized approach and make personalized videos for interacting with your most engaged followers.
  • 3. Instagram
    Instagram had the first-mover advantage in silent auto-playing videos, making it an ideal platform for such videos. Instagram is all about visually stimulating images and videos. So stick to such videos and reserve other types of videos for other social media channels.
  • 4.LinkedIn
    Linkedin is suitable for B2B businesses. Create videos targeting your audience by telling your company story, promote your offerings or simply create vlogs for a more personal approach.
  • 5. YouTube
    As the biggest platform for videos, Youtube holds huge potential for video marketing. It’s great for long and more descriptive videos and especially brand videos. A downside, however, is that it may not be the best platform for deriving traffic to the website.

This guide touches the surface of the concept of video marketing and only provides a brief overview. For further information get in touch with Dtech Systems. A leading web development and digital marketing agency.

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