• Aani & Dani website was completely formulated in Joomla which needed enhancements
  • There was no Saudi National API Integration
  • Increase sales of chocolates
  • Promote brand
  • Increase awareness


  • Streamlined Website with efficient registration process
  • Business model adjustments with Saudi National API Integration
  • Mobile Website Responsiveness enhancement
  • Google Maps API Implementation

Aani & Dani

Some of The main features and services provided to Aani & Dani are given below:

Aani & Dani

Social media logins on user registration:
On the registration screen, the users can register by using their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. All the basic profile information is fetched from their social media accounts and saved into the profile.

OTP in the user registration:
Once the users fills out their registration form and hits the submit button an SMS is sent to their given mobile number with a code. At this stage user status is pending. Users are redirected to the next page where they have the form to enter OTP for verification.

Aani & Dani

Implement Saudi National Address API with Google Maps:
At checkout, the users have the option to enter their location by Saudi national address. The API searches for users location and it gives all the location parameters i.e. Building Number, ZipCode, Additional Number etc.

Users location to be shared with all drivers:
Once the users have placed an order successfully, their complete address information is sent to all the drivers via email that helps the nearest driver available to respond and deliver the order to the desired customer.