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Creating An Effective Website Homepage

Your Website homepage is usually the first page a user lands on and is the basis for creating the first impression. It alone may be the deciding factor for retaining the user on the website or bouncing off.  This is why it’s crucial to create an effective design. Here we will explore some important measures to take when creating a homepage.

Introduce Your Business

The homepage acts as an introduction to your entire websites and business. It’s here you need to give the user a glimpse of what the business has to offer. Hence in your homepage content make sure to introduce your business, its offerings and differentiating factor. A comprehensive way to depict all three can be through a USP (unique selling proposition).

Easy Navigation

Every user should be able to easily navigate across the website. Ensure a few basic measures for smooth navigation. Make sure the menu button is clear with proper labelling of each webpage. Something that is often overlooked is to make sure the user can identify where they are on the website which can be done by highlighting, colouring the tab the user is on.

Call to Actions

Every business has an aim or action that the company desires the user to carry out. It’s important to indicate this action through call of actions to push the consumer in the conversion funnel. For an e-commerce store, it may simply be to buy their products, for an NGO to make a donation and sign up for online classes. Ideally, such CTAs should be incorporated into the homepage content strategy from the very start.

Responsive Design

We can’t stress how important it is for your entire website including the homepage to be responsive. The reality is that most people will access your website through their mobile phones and other devices. If your design doesn’t take that into consideration you’ll be losing out on valuable customers for sure.

Continuous Updates

Don’t stick to your initial design and functionality instead see how users are interacting with your page, what issues they are facing what sort of feedback you are getting. Taking all this into consideration update your design and functionality. Same goes for the content.

The Benefits of an Effective Homepage

Building an effective homepage can lead to countless benefits. Some of the main ones are listed below.


A good homepage is bound to make a lasting impression. This would lead to higher conversions. If for your website conversions translate to a particular action like signing up then presenting the required form on this page making it easily accessible may alone raise the conversions.

Brand Awareness

The homepage is a great point to display your branding elements and get users familiar with your brand. An effective homepage would eventually lead to higher brand awareness and brand equity.

User Experience

Users visit a website with a specific intention in mind. Creating an effective homepage can help direct the user to their intended page creating a hassle-free and smooth user experience.

Paying more attention to your website homepage can really prove fruitful. This guide should help you get a head start. For more information ion website development, get in touch with Dtech Systems.  A leading Web development and marketing agency established in Riyadh.

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