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Deriving Conversions Through An Effective E-Commerce Web Design

Running a successful e-commerce store is contingent on effective and user-friendly web design. Driving traffic to your store alone may not be sufficient, the design of your website may be the driving factor behind a conversion. Hence investing in a reputable web development company that can design an aesthetic and efficient design is essential. Dtech systems is a web development company based in Riyadh, that specializes in web design and development.

Some of the basic considerations to keep in mind are as below

Clutter-Free Menus

An important but ignored aspect is the menu design. The menu is the sole tool users have for website navigation. Keeping it simple and visibly appealing is key. Adding numerous categories can overwhelm the user. An alternative for displaying numerous categories and web pages can be to use a drop-down menu.

Simple Interface

The interface and design should be kept simple, which would ensure the focus would remain on the product offerings and call to actions. One way of ensuring simplicity is to keep maximum white space, avoid over display of images and information and select a simple clean design. Most web development companies like Dtech systems have in house design teams that ensure the web design coincides with the product/ service offerings and is user-friendly.

Avoid Interruptions

An important aspect to consider is to avoid interruptions. Any form of distractions that can interrupt the visitor in its conversion cycle can be detrimental. For example, pop-up msgs instigating visitors to sign up for a newsletter can frustrate visitors and increase the bounce rate. Such forms if necessary to be included should be incorporated in the web page rather than as a pop-up window.

Make use of colours

Colours are an important website design tool for attracting customers especially if you know the psychology of colours. Not only can brand colours be used to reinforce brand image but certain colours can evoke particular emotions and responses that can be used to one’s advantage. For example, brighter warm colours evoke energy whereas dark cool colours evoke relaxation and tranquillity.

User-friendly check out Process

A complex and long checkout process is the leading cause of shopping cart abandonment. To ensure a hassle-free experience for the user, a simple and short checkout process would keep customers engaged. Obtaining the necessary information only would make the check out process short. Similarly, giving visitors the option to check out as a guest can also improve user experience. Most web design agencies like Dtech Systems offer simple check out processes.

Incorporate social share buttons

Including social share buttons on your website is imperative, In fact, they may be necessary along with particular sections like blogs. You would want not only visitors to read your blogs but to share them and bring in new traffic.

High-quality Imagery

For an e-commerce site images are the most crucial aspect and ads to the existing web design layout. Images of the products should be high in quality, vibrant and highly demonstrative of the product in question. Consumers rely on images alone when making a purchase decision online hence the images can make or break a sale.

This highlights the importance of web design and the need to hire a competent web design company that would take such basic considerations into concern. Contact us, for more information regarding Dtech Systems’s web design services.

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