How We Work

Dtech is a software development company that helps innovative companies start, measure, and improve their software solutions. Our software, like our approach to collaboration, is tailored entirely to the unique needs of our clients.

Whether you need us to take on a whole project or just a specific feature, we can help you identify and solve difficult software engineering problems. This can take the form of either a fixed-scope project, or a time and material contract (also known as T&M) with monthly progress reviews. We strive to deliver projects on time that give value-for-money through our work quality, smart hiring decisions and careful planning.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed Price

Fixed-Price Fixed-Scope

  • This model is suitable when your software requirements are well-defined and not likely to change over the course of development.
  • We work with you upfront to define your software specifications in detail.
  • We then guarantee delivery of the defined set of functionalities within a specific time frame and cost.
  • It is not suitable for projects where software requirements are likely to change or evolve.
  • This method is not compatible with Agile Methodologies.
Fixed Price

Dedicated Team

  • This option works best when you have envisioned a series of projects OR a single long term project but don’t wish to hire permanent employees, or if you are finding it difficult to find the right skill set in a timely manner.
  • It provides flexibility to change course and re-prioritize your projects and tasks as you go along. You have full control over how you would like to make the best use of your team’s time and skill set.
  • You get the best use of your team’s time and skill set. Works well with the Agile development methodology where you can keep reviewing and refining your software application(s) progressively.
Fixed Price

Time & Materials

  • This is suitable when the amount of development work envisioned is small but not well-defined.
  • The engagement is split into smaller fixed-cost/fixed-time phases (e.g. 1 month long).
  • This model limits your exposure for each phase and provides the option to review and decide about the next phase’s budget allocation only if you are satisfied with the deliverables of the preceding phase.
  • This model is not suitable for on-going development requirements, and turnarounds are naturally not as fast as those possible with dedicated teams.

We have been providing software development services and offering flexible engagement options to our clients since 2013.

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