Software Development Process

Our software development services provide you with the most effective solutions to your unique challenges. Our seven-stage software development process ensures that we'll meet your highest expectations for quality, cost and delivery. From discovery through implementation, we will work closely with you to deliver high-quality software that exceeds your needs and expectations.

Our Philosophy of Agility

It's an approach that works for us. It's an approach that works for our clients. Agility is the heart of our Bespoke software development process. And the key to successfully meeting tight deadlines, engaging clients and designing robust, intuitive software.
Agile produces software that meets the real needs of our customers and their business. We work together with you to fully understand your vision and mission to discover the valuable features and functionalities needed to support your growth. We focus on providing a short delivery cycle that develops and delivers quality software, in collaboration with you. Agile has changed our thinking, methods, and practices; we are agile practitioners adopting empirical values, self-organisation, co-operation, feedback-orientation, and continuous improvement.


Our Principles of Agile Software Development



Managing Changing Requirements


Steady Pace of Development

Our Development Process




Concept and Discovery


UI/UX Design




Testing and Quality Assurance




Maintenance and Support


Successful Product

1. Share your Idea

We will assess your requirements and provide you with a quotation for our chosen services.We don’t like keeping our clients in the dark so we formulate a contract based on the agreed upon requirements, terms and conditions and quotation for the project. We don’t like keeping our clients in the dark so we formulate a contract based on the agreed upon requirements, terms and conditions and quotation for the project.

2. Project Conceptualization

During this phase we will set the foundation of your project by working on the Feature Analysis, Scope of Work, Sprint Planning, Development Plan, and Budgeting. The custom software development process starts with comprehensive planning and analysis. So that the client understands exactly how the project will be implemented, and is satisfied with the services provided to achieve their goals, we work closely with the client to define and document the requirements of the system. This stage also consists of the discovery part of the software process – a three- to six-week phase that helps visualise your idea and creates a well-defined scope of work.

3. Design UX and UI

It is our goal to create the perfect UI/UX design for your software, including all elements that create a functional and user-friendly design. Our talented designers work closely with your team to create an experience that assists the end user in making efficient use of your software. With a keen eye for detail and creative mind, we consistently produce top-notch UI/UX designs for software products to ensure an enjoyable and intuitive user experience.

We then demonstrate the design and wireframes of the software to you and iterate based on your feedback and input. Our design process enhances your product with the best user interface for you.

4. Development

Your custom-built application will be built using the latest technology and our experienced engineers will work closely to ensure that the end-product achieves your vision. Our development process is always adaptable to your requirements.

The development and implementation stage typically takes up most of the time required to develop a software product, and can vary for different software projects depending on the development methodology. For instance, with agile methodology, the development is divided into smaller short-term deliveries called sprints, whereas with a traditional model, the complete software is developed in one go after a thorough research and design process.

5. Testing & Quality Assurance

It is important to us that our software solutions are of the highest quality and work with your business applications, seamlessly and accurately. Our QA experts test every solution thoroughly during and after the development process to guarantee that the software performs functionally, any usability issues are corrected, and to let you know if any other concerns might be cause for concern before you make your final decision.

Our development and testing teams work together hand-in-hand to ensure the quality of our software. We use various manual and automated testing methods to verify every aspect of the software until the quality of the solution meets the original requirements. Only when the software has passed all quality checks do we proceed to release it to the end-users.

6. Deployment

At the end of the development phase, your software is ready to launch. We ensure that your software is technically ready for deployment, and then we get it onto the market. This stage is vital to your success, as without it you’ll find it difficult to acquire new users or generate revenue.

7. Maintenance and Support

After your software is deployed, there might be some issues with the system that you would need to fix. Therefore, we offer 3 months post-deployment technical support services to make sure your software runs in a smooth manner.

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Your Role Throughout the Development Process


Collaboration is key when developing software. To make sure you are satisfied with the outcome, we ask for your feedback at each step of the project, hoping to get you involved through iterations. We will start with architecture and design and develop in small phases, so that you feel at ease with our progress. Our aim is to create a software product that suits your business needs and reflects what you have envisioned.

You can expect regular contact from our team throughout the entire discovery stage. From early discussions, to planning and budgeting, our tech leads will be there to answer all of your questions so that you feel confident about the choices being made. We do not want to overburden you so once the discovery phase is completed, we discuss and decide with you the days and timing when you are comfortable for follow up meetings and we will keep you posted regarding the progress in those meetings.


Frequently Asked Questions

All our projects are developed adhering to Agile methodology including Scrum, Sprints and story points, etc.
You can monitor your project's progress through weekly calls and meetings. A dedicated coordinator will be assigned to your project and they will be your focal person for each stage of the project from requirements gathering to deliveries and everything regarding your project.
We divide the development into Releases and each release comprises not more than 2 sprints. After completion of every sprint, our highly efficient and experienced Quality assurance engineers perform a testing cycle to ensure that every release is delivered with quality.
We gather requirements from you, then analyze them and present the timeline and cost accordingly. If you agree, we start working on the Scope of Work document, once we get approval on the scope we start working on UI/UX and after that, we move to the next phase which is the development phase.