1. Client was unclear about the flow of the system
Proposed a solution to merge the 3 different panels into 1 web-application with a streamlined flow
2. Opening documents in-app for annotation
A PDFviewer and editor was built for opening PDF documents in the web-app itself and make notes on them
3. Integration with ORCID API
ORCID users API was integrated with the system for users to register with their ORCID account and their information was saved into the profile

Admin Portal

Add an organization:
The users are able to add an organization of their own by adding the registered members and selecting the research stages for it. The members of the organization are able to submit proposals to the admin and start/manage their own research with the other members of the group.

Manage a research:
The users are able to start/manage research on an individual/group level. They can assign different research stages to different members and assign a due date. The members of a research group can submit the research files into their assigned research stages. The admins can track the progress of each research in their organization.

Admin Portal

Two types of forums have been implemented. Inbound forum is for the discussions that other members of the system have initiated with the user as an admin of the organization while outbound forum is the discussion which the user itself has initiated with the admins of other organizations.

The users can maintain/manage their own library by adding the articles, filtering them and annotating them within the system. They can find articles on Google scholar and save them as important links for later use.