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Full-time Outsourced Software Development Team

With our self-managed dedicated development team services, we aim to empower businesses by streamlining their projects and increasing their development capabilities. To accomplish this, our software product development company has onboarded more than 100 expert software engineers who bring ultimate flexibility all along the progression of your project.


Why Choose the Dedicated Development Team Model

With a dedicated software development team at your disposal, you can expand your business capabilities, scale your business and gain deeper expertise in technology and business. Four benefits of choosing a Dedicated Software Development Company are as follows:

Resizing team as per the need

Hiring dedicated development services allows you to add or remove resources as your needs change. A dedicated team can also adapt to your project's scope by hiring more resources or adjusting their size as needed.

Adaptability and Focus

Choosing the dedicated development model lets businesses focus on the business side of the project with nothing disrupting their focus. Since you are operating without the burden of team management, you have time to concentrate on the most critical aspects of your work.

Quick Development Cycle

Speed is one advantage of the dedicated development team model over other models. Since clients and focused team members collaborate, projects proceed faster. This allows for adjusting a project according to ever-changing technological trends and market demands.

Economically Viable

One of the simple advantages of building a dedicated development team is cost efficiency. Since the cost of hiring a dedicated team is transparent, it becomes economically cheaper to hire a dedicated team than to gather and build an in-house team.

Looking For An Expert Developers Team?

Our dedicated development team helps you level up your software development process and reduce operational costs.

How a Dedicated Development Team Works

Requirement Analysis

Our experienced project managers analyse your requirements by having meetings with you so that we can assess the scope and calculate the complexity.

Select the Resources

Based on the nature and complexity of the scope, we make a team of developers, QA, and managers necessary for the smooth handling of the project.

Detailed Scope Analysis

Your dedicated development team then sits together and understands all the requirements clearly, and transfers all important information to each other.

Continuous Communication

Your project manager from the dedicated team will discuss the days and times suitable for you to have regular meetings to keep you posted and have a clear understanding of things at every step.

Manage Your Dedicated Team's Activities

After establishing a roadmap for your project, you can start managing your dedicated team using project management software tools and conducting daily meetings and conference calls. You will get complete visibility and transparency of all tasks.

Scale Your Team As Per The Needs

Since you have a dedicated team of your own, you will be able to scale it up or down depending on the project's needs. If you plan to increase the scope of work, you can add as many additional roles as you need to.

Control the overall Project progress

Dtech offers an assembled team and takes care of its management and integration.

Technological Experties of Our Development Team

In the last five years alone, we've helped over 100 companies around the globe with our proven combination of the latest and classic trusted technologies. At Dtech, we have the following technology stack as our basis:

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