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Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing

Secure your network with vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

Understanding your vulnerabilities and how attackers might exploit them is the best way to improve your cyber defense. By simulating real-world attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures, Infratech can uncover vulnerabilities in cloud and data center infrastructure, networks, and applications. Many organizations fail to carry out regular and thorough penetration testing despite spending a lot of money protecting sensitive data and digital assets. Infratech evaluates your network's integrity, potential targets, and applications through probing. The purpose of this exercise is to discover vulnerabilities before attackers attack you and to save money. Keep your networks secure for a long time with a professional pen testing service from Infratech. By doing so, your network security is more likely to survive attacks. Business organizations in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East can benefit from the services that Infrastructure offers. Get a detailed understanding of your vulnerabilities by getting in touch today.

Workflow for vulnerability assessment & pen-testing

Penetrating a system is a thorough and well-thought-out process and it takes five stages to complete a penetration test round.


An extensive reconnaissance exercise is required to gain an understanding of how the network or application is constructed. Penetration testing goals are also established at this stage.


Once basic target information has been collected, determine how the network/application will be affected. Data analysis is used for this purpose, both static and dynamic.


After access to the system has been obtained, a variety of hacking techniques, such as backdoor building, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting, are used.


An exploited system can remain vulnerable for a prolonged period, mimicking a months-long malware attack, so we need to stabilize it at its earliest.


As a final step, Infratech will gather all the information pen testers add to your test reports, including vulnerabilities and security protocols.

What do you get with Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing?

Shows Real-Time Threats

You can simulate scenarios attackers might use to breach your network by conducting pen tests and vulnerability assessments with Infratech. A penetration test helps identify vulnerable points and enables attackers to escalate the situation.

Manage Vulnerabilities Intelligently

Your organization can learn a lot about its application and network vulnerabilities through regular pen testing. If you address these vulnerabilities, you can significantly reduce security risks in the future as a result.

Reduce Downtime Costs

Infratech can conduct penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to keep you safe from cyberattacks. Your system is much less likely to go down during an attack once you've identified and fixed the vulnerabilities in your network.

Complying with Regulations

When your business follows regulations, it ensures the security of your customers' systems and information, which increases your chances of winning contracts. Your digital assets can be secure and compliant with PT/VA from Infratech.

Application Adoption with Security

Your network security will always need to be reevaluated when your network grows and new applications are added. To identify emerging security vulnerabilities affecting your upgraded network, consider having a penetration test conducted.

Improved Network Security

Technology evolves, posing new security threats. By removing vulnerabilities, Infratech reduces the possibility of attacks on clients' IT networks. At least twice a year, they must run penetration tests on their networks to ensure security.

Identify vulnerabilities and conduct pen tests

Infratech provides a wide range of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services, including

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Your IT infrastructure can be scanned for vulnerabilities using a vulnerability detection service.

Network Penetration Testing

Vulnerabilities in data, information, and networks are detected for controlled, comprehensive attacks.

Wireless Penetration Testing

A wireless penetration test leverages wireless entry points and devices to target your organization's network.

Application Penetration Testing

An asset-based penetration test can help you better manage your applications' security protocols.

Source Code Penetration Testing

The underlying application or network code is tested for vulnerabilities during this type of pen testing.
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