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Chief Technical Partnership Strategist

Ethan Chung

Ethan is a seasoned professional with a rich tapestry of experience that spans across technical pre-sales, solution architecture, and software development. His work is at the intersection of improving software quality and integrating cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance user experience testing.

Ethan is also a proud Leadership Member of the PreSales Collective, where he has been active for three years, contributing to the elevation of PreSales roles globally by providing resources, knowledge, and mentorship. His commitment to the community is a testament to his passion. Stand against injustices and advocate for fairness and equality in society.

As a speaker, Ethan is known for his engaging delivery, insightful perspectives, and the ability to distill complex technical concepts into understandable takeaways. Whether discussing the nuances of DevOps innovation strategies or the future of test automation, his sessions are packed with actionable insights.


Formally educated in Computer Science, Business with Marketing, Advanced Quantitative Methods, Finance and Accounting.

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