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Top 10 Features Of Magento

Magento is a leading E-commerce platform written in PHP which was released in 2008. It rapidly gained popularity and currently has a 30% share in the e-commerce market. The company has now introduced its latest update in the form of Magento 2 with enhanced functionality and features.

There are several reasons behind it being favored by developers worldwide however here we will present its top 10 features.

1.Open Source Platform

The platform is open source meaning the source code can easily be modified and customized by developers. This makes the platform extremely flexible. It is available in two forms, the community edition, and the Enterprise edition. Although the community edition is freely available the enterprise edition is paid.

2.Custom Themes and Templates

An important feature of Magento is the availability of vast themes and templates that can be customized for each unique online store. With the latest upgrade, developers can easily create custom Magento 2 themes due to the lack of a base theme and incorporation of base views in the module structure.

3.Catalog Management

Product catalog forms the basis of every online store, with Magento sellers can choose among simple, configurable, virtual and downloadable products. The platform provides easy import and export of the products and the application of variable tax rates based on each locality. Additionally, the platform supports complete inventory management extensions as part of the Magento extensions.

4. Reports and Analytics

It is not only embedded with Google Analytics but provides an array of Analytical reports by default. For example, it can inform sellers regarding total sales, total invoice, low stocks, shopping cart abandonment and tags used by customers.

5. Multiple Stores

The platform offers the option to create multiple websites on the same back end system. The admin would be able to manage all his websites from a single admin dashboard. This feature is especially useful to all businesses dealing in multiple online stores.

6. 3rd Party Integrations

Each online store requires multiple 3rd party integrations in the form of payment and shipping gateways and tracking facilities. The platform provides easy integration of any required third-party integration.

7. Consultation Services

The platform offers a special consultation group constituting trained consultants that can guide and train business on the platform for a certain price. These services can be acquired from Magento itself and third-party consultants.

8. Scalability

It is highly scalable making it ideal for small and growing businesses. New features and customizations can be made at any stage in the future according to expanding business needs. This would ensure that the site would be able to accommodate larger catalogs after the expansion of the business.

9. SEO Compatible

Magento is extremely SEO friendly, the website is optimized to rank at the top during an internet search. The platform allows easy changes in URLs, meta tags, keywords, etc. Similarly, it generates google site maps to make it convenient for bots to navigate the webpages.

10. Mobile Friendly

The platform provides cross-browser and platform compatibility which is essential for mobile commerce. It is equipped with HTML5 technology ensuring a mobile-friendly storefront for the online website. Google AMP ensures fast page loading on mobile devices and Akamai Image Manager can be utilized to provide mobile-optimized images.

A number of web development companies exist that can help you create your first E-commerce site using this platform. In Saudi Arabia, Dtech Systems is a rising Magento development company, that specializes in Magento E-commerce and has a vast experience of working on this platform with dedicated in-house Magento developers. Contact Dtech Systems for more information.

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