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Types Of Web Hosting

Web hosting is imperative for every website. It’s an online storage of your website and all its content that is made available to the consumer. Web hosting companies provide the server i.e. the physical location on the internet where your website and its associated data is stored as well all the technology that may be required for the functionality of the website.

Types of Web hosting:

There are multiple types of web hosting available which vary in terms of space, functionality, speed, etc. The major types are outlined below

  1. Shared Hosting:

As the name suggests, in this type of web hosting more than one website is hosted on the same server. This may be an ideal option for someone that has just begun a new small scale business and is looking for an economical option as the costs with such hosting is relatively low. However, the downside is that an increased load on other websites can negatively impact your user experience.

  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS):

A virtual private server in nature is a mix of shared and dedicated hosting. Although the website is still hosted on a server along with other websites but it offers more control. However, it is still considered as a slower a relatively slower web hosting. It’s still an ideal option for all that want cost-effective hosting service with the control offered by dedicated hosting.

  1. Dedicated Server Hosting:

This type of server hosting offers the most control. The website is stored on the server alone and is not shared with any other party. However, this also means that the cost of this type of hosting is high and the level of technical expertise required is high.

  1. Cloud Hosting:

In cloud hosting, multiple separate servers connect to form one large server on the cloud. The primary advantage of such hosting is that the server can handle heavy load meaning that an increase in traffic to your website would not have a negative impact on the website speed and functionality.

  1. Collocated Hosting:

In collocated web hosting, the server has to be bought by the owner of the website along with all necessary hardware yet it’s stored at the hosting company’s facility. They would also provide the necessary cooling systems, bandwidth etc. for the server.

  1. Managed Hosting:

For managed hosting, the hosting company provides all the necessary hardware and technical services for this purpose. They take full responsibility for the daily operations. The owner of the website can pick a plan that suits his needs and requirements.

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