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Revamping Digital Presence: Unifonic's UI/UX Transformation and Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Executive Summary

Dtech successfully collaborated with Unifonic, a leading cloud communication firm, to revamp their website’s UI/UX and execute comprehensive marketing campaigns. Despite initial challenges in time constraints, communication gaps, and underwhelming campaign results, our solutions—including team restructuring and improved stakeholder engagement—led to a 30% increase in user engagement, a 25% reduction in bounce rates, and a 40% increase in organic search traffic. These achievements underscored Dtech’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions under challenging circumstances.

Client's Background

Dtech’s experience has predominantly been with startups and small founders. However, with Unifonic—a well-established company founded in 2006 by Ahmed Hamdan and Hassan Hamdan—the scenario was different. Unifonic had already firmly penetrated the Saudi market, making it a large enterprise compared to our usual clientele.
Given the scale and complexity of the project, which revolved around updating the UI/UX of the website and running comprehensive marketing campaigns, our point of contact was not the founders but the Marketing Communications Director, Karim Sharawi. Karim was the ideal point of contact considering the nature of the project as it required detailed coordination for keyword research, landing page development, ad copy creation, and ad designs. His expertise and oversight were crucial in successfully aligning our efforts with Unifonic’s strategic goals.

Project Objectives & Overview

Project Technology:
Website Frontend : HTML CSS
Project Duration: 2018-2020
Project Goals:
To enhance the user experience of the Unifonic website and launch detailed informational pages for upcoming offerings such as authenticator, chatbot, and verification services.
Project Scope:
The project scope comprised two primary deliverables:
1. Website Revamp (UI/UX)
  • Complete overhaul of the website’s user interface and user experience design.
  • Creation of new web pages for the upcoming services, including authentication, 2FA, WhatsApp chatbot, and more.
2. Marketing Campaigns
  • Comprehensive keyword research to identify strategic SEO opportunities.
  • Strategy formulation to effectively target the identified keywords and boost online visibility.
  • Development of ad copies and ad designs aimed at driving engagement and conversion.
  • Creation of optimized landing pages with a rapid 1-2 day turnaround to support various marketing campaigns.
 These deliverables were aimed at enhancing the overall user experience while effectively promoting Unifonic’s new and upcoming offerings.


Dtech had the immense pleasure of working with a leading player in the cloud communication industry. However, just like any other project, challenges arose that provided valuable learning opportunities for the entire team.
1. Limited Time Flexibility:
One of the key challenges in the marketing aspect of the project was the limited time available. For the marketing campaigns of new offerings, the team was often given only two days to deliver. While the team understood the urgency and managed to meet the deadlines, the compressed timeframe sometimes resulted in compromised quality.
2. Communication Gap:
The project initially involved a month-long effort to revamp the website in coordination with Karim Sharawi, the Marketing Communications Director. However, when the initial changes were presented to the CEO, they were outright rejected. This misalignment between the CEO’s vision and what we were working on significantly demotivated the team and put the entire project at risk.
3. Underwhelming Marketing Campaign Results:
The marketing campaigns did not achieve the expected results, which may have been due to limitations in the capabilities of the hired team. This shortfall impacted the overall effectiveness and reach of the advertising efforts, hampering the success of the campaigns.
At this point, it was imperative for Dtech to up its game and tackle these challenges head-on. By addressing these issues, we aimed to realign our efforts with the client’s vision and deliver the high-quality results we aspire to achieve.


The true spirit of a company can be seen in how it overcomes its challenges. We faced significant issues in the initial two months of the project’s initiation, but we successfully managed to counter these problems.
1. Limited Time and Quality Compromises:

Due to tight deadlines, the quality of our deliverables was compromised. We had two options: ideally, we would have secured more time from the client for the launch of new campaigns, with timelines shared by our team based on our current resource structure. However, there was no flexibility in this regard from the client. This led us to the second feasible solution: restructuring the team. The burden primarily fell on the design team and marketing manager. Instead of hiring new employees, we reassigned a junior designer to support the senior designer and hired an additional dedicated marketing manager specifically for Unifonic.

2. Communication Gaps:
Communication gaps are a major reason for project failures across the industry, and we almost fell into this trap. Following agile methodology proved advantageous, allowing us to receive client input early on and realign our efforts. While the primary point of contact, Karim Sharawi, remained the same, we made certain changes that led to significant improvements. This included the involvement of our marketing lead in stakeholder meetings to ensure accurate requirement gathering and a clear understanding of client needs. These adjustments put us on the right track for the website revamp.
3. Underwhelming Marketing Campaign Results:
Marketing campaigns were a major component of the scope of work assigned to Dtech. The initial campaigns fell short of expectations, impacting our credibility and causing concerns about the overall project. The root cause was identified as limitations in the team’s capabilities. Thus, a team restructuring was carried out to address these shortcomings effectively.
By taking these steps, we were able to overcome the initial challenges and align our efforts with Unifonic’s vision, ultimately delivering high-quality results.

Innovations & Customizations

The following innovations and customizations were made for the project.
  • Tailored the website’s user interface to align with Unifonic’s brand identity while incorporating intuitive design elements to enhance user experience.
  • Developed and integrated dedicated web pages for new service offerings such as authentication, 2FA, and WhatsApp chatbot.
  • Implemented advanced analytics tools to track user behavior, campaign performance, and site metrics in real-time.


Team Involved:
-Project Manager: Sidra Zubair
-Frontend Developer: Hafiz Wahib
-Designer: Ahsan Butt & Hariss
-QA: Ali Azam


The following results have been achieved on our journey so far.
  • Successful revamp of the website’s UI/UX, resulting in a 30% increase in user engagement and a 25% reduction in bounce rates.
  • Seamless integration of new service pages, including authentication, 2FA, and WhatsApp chatbot, which saw a 40% increase in page visits within the first month of launch.
  • Launch of multiple marketing campaigns with optimized ad copies and designs, leading to a 35% increase in click-through rates (CTR).
  • Improved conversion rates by 15% on landing pages designed for the campaigns.
  • Effective keyword strategy implementation, resulting in a 40% increase in organic search traffic.
These results not only exceeded the client’s expectations but also reinforced Dtech’s capability to deliver high-quality solutions under challenging circumstances.

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