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Incident Response & Management

Prevent a recurrence of an incident with quick response and stabilization.

It's impossible to afford to waste time when you have an unrestricted adversary attacking your network. You can identify all attacker activities, map out attack cycles, attribute actions to specific threat actors, contain cyberattacks, and respond to them using Infratech's Incident Response service. Infratech does not browse through your systems for hours on end. Using advanced technology, they determine the attacker's actions and suppress the threat as rapidly as possible in order to recover from an attack and resume normal operations.

Manage your incidents by prioritizing, assessing, and managing them.

Visibility of real-time threats

MITRE ATT&CK detection capabilities

Insights into threats

Team of dedicated threat hunters

Threat detection via cloud-based EDR

Identify your hidden and exposed threats within seconds.

Infratech provides a wide range of incident response and management services; that includes

Incident Management Retainer Service

Security consultants at Infratech offer an extensive range of services and capabilities to help your organization prepare for and respond to complex cyber events. They offer priority support, guaranteed SLAs, a wide array of incident response services, security readiness consultations, and incident management consulting services as part of their Incident Management Retainer (IMR).

Forensics Service

The purpose of forensic science is to identify, acquire, process, analyze, and report digital data. Forensic investigation services provided by Infratech include cyber forensics, multi-media forensics, computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, network forensics, and digital lab forensics. Their offices and research workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art forensic technology.

Incident Playbooks Development & Dry Runs

Managing incidents, from security issues to emerging vulnerabilities, can be aided by an incident management handbook. Training exercises, simulations, checklists, and runbooks can all be included in a security attack scenario. Through Infratech's incident response playbook development and dry runs, teams are empowered to respond and resolve incidents in real-time.

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