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Our Philosophy of Agility

Whether you need us to take on a whole project or just a specific feature, our agile software development services work for us and work for our clients as well. Agility is the heart of our Bespoke software development process. And the key to successfully meeting tight deadlines, engaging clients, and designing intuitive software. Agile software development helps us produce software that meets the needs of our customers and their businesses. We focus on providing a short delivery cycle that has completely changed our software development approach and practices.

Our Principles of Agile Software Development

Dtech ensures that no matter what happens, we earn our client’s loyalty by sticking to our principles and core values. Our software development principles empower us to handle the complexity of the software development cycle more efficiently. Following are a few of our most prioritised software engineering principles.

Software Development Cycle

Dtech is a software development company that helps innovative companies start, measure, and improve their software solutions. Our software, like our approach to collaboration, is tailored entirely to the unique needs of our clients. Our seven-stage software development process ensures that we meet your highest expectations for quality, cost, and delivery.

1. Requirement Specification

Before our software developers team can cough up the general idea, our project managers will touch base to gather the business requirements in the very first stage. Then our team of software developers works together with you to fully understand your vision and mission to discover the valuable features and functionalities needed to support your growth. We will assess your requirements and create a general outline for the software developers to follow. We prefer to keep our clients in the loop, so we formulate a contract based on the agreed-upon requirements and conditions for the project.

2. Project Conceptualization

During this phase, we set the foundation of your project by working on the Feature Analysis, Scope of Work, Sprint Planning, Development Plan, and Budgeting. Simply put, software conceptualization is the process of turning software development ideas into practical use cases for the end user. Developing a comprehensive software concept then serves as the primary base for the entire software development cycle. Here our target is to ensure that the client understands exactly how the project will be implemented and is satisfied with the offered services to achieve their goals.

3. Design UX and UI

During the third stage, we shift our focus to developing fit-for-purpose UI/UX design for your software that helps you boost customer retention. Our talented designers work closely with your team to demonstrate the design and wireframes of the software to you and iterate based on your feedback and input. With a keen eye for detail, we consistently produce top-notch UI/UX designs for software products to ensure an enjoyable and intuitive user experience. We believe in solving the most pressing product design challenges by creating intuitive user experience design.

4. Development

The custom software development stage generally takes up most of the time during a complete software development cycle. At Dtech, our agile software development methodology helps us divide the project into smaller short-term deliveries called sprints. However, if the client insists, we can work on a traditional model where the complete software is developed in one go. Your custom-built application is built using the latest technology, and our experienced engineers will work closely to ensure that the end product achieves your vision. Our development process is always adaptable to your requirements.

5. Testing & Quality Assurance

Leveraging our expertise in different industries, we have developed incredible Testing and Quality assurance practices geared to your custom business needs. It is important to us that our software solutions are of the highest quality and improve your customers’ lives. We use various manual and automated testing methods to ensure software quality during this stage. To ensure that the developed software functions flawlessly, our team of Testing and QA experts carefully examines every solution both during and after the development process. Only when the software has passed all quality checks can we deploy it for the end users.

6. Deployment

During this stage, our software deployers team follows the entire software release, installation, testing, deployment, and performance monitoring process. At Dtech, we deploy our software products to make them available for the end users using a combination of manual and automated processes. Our deployment techniques allow our developers to gather real-time operational and performance data from new software deployments. Here, our focus is to streamline the detection and correction of errors before they negatively impact users.

7. Maintenance and Support

After your software is deployed, there might be some issues with the software that you would need to fix. Therefore, we offer three months of post-deployment technical support services to ensure your software runs smoothly. Our software support services team looks after the overall software health during this stage. Our software maintenance services include revitalizing outdated technologies and infusing the latest technologies to prevent any roadblocks from negatively impacting customers.

Want to kickstart your project?

Dtech Systems provides end-to-end software development services and collaborates closely with clients at each stage of the development to create competitive software solutions. Do you want to discuss a collaboration?

Clients Role During The Software Development Circle

Collaboration is key when developing software. To make sure you are satisfied with the outcome, we ask for your feedback at each step of the project, hoping to get you involved through iterations. We will start with architecture and design and develop in small phases so that you feel at ease with our progress. Our aim is to create a software product that suits your business needs and reflects what you have envisioned. We can collaborate in the form of either a fixed-scope project or a Time and Material contract (also known as T&M) with monthly progress reviews. You can expect regular contact from our team throughout the requirement specification and project conceptualization stages. From early discussions to planning and budgeting, our tech leads will be there to answer all of your questions so that you feel confident about the choices being made. We do not want to overburden you so once the development is initiated, we discuss and decide with you the days and timing when you are comfortable for follow up meetings and we will keep you posted regarding the progress in those meetings.

How much will your app cost?

Send us the features you are looking to build, and we shall advise on the next steps.

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