Software Project Rescue

Providing rapid crisis response and recovery to your critical software projects.

A new software development project is a brave move for your company. You never know what could turn out wrong. We can save you from a stalemate and get your project moving again.

In Dtechsystems, we have a team of expert problem solvers who excel at addressing critical issues in projects. Our highly trained rescue team dedicated to software development will give your project the highest priority.

By combining our expertise in project management and troubleshooting, we can provide the most cost-effective solution to any time- or budget-critical challenge you may be facing. Once we intervene, a dedicated team of experts will handle your project under extremely high pressure, taking calculated risks, and ensuring a positive outcome.

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Software Project Rescue

Signs You Need a Software Project Rescue Team

Since we've been in this industry for 16 years, we've seen many jobs go wrong due to budgetary issues, incompetent developers, time constraints, and countless other reasons.

There are many reasons you might need to hire a consultant or other third party for your new or existing software project.

Previous developers went out of business without notice.

The team abandoned the project halfway through development.

Developers failed to fully understand the project requirements.

Previous developers had limited skill or experience.

Communication breakdown with developers

Poor-quality software costing you clients

The project became overly complex for the team with an in-house position

Legal problems relating to contracts and other commercial matters

Missing deadlines and/or going over budget

What Our Software Project Rescue Services Cover

We start by building trust with our clients. We do this by making sure that we understand our clients' expectations, and we learn how to work with them. When we take over a project that is in danger of turning irrecoverable, we offer multiple options to our clients in terms of the steps we may have to take in order to successfully rescue their project. We follow eight key tried-and-tested ways to ensure that we are going in the right direction.

Reconstructing and recovering lost source code

Fixing database integration issues

Renewing legacy systems

Providing complete transparency

Getting you back on budget and meeting deadlines

Establishing clear communication with you

Keeping in mind the future of your project

Reviewing, updating, and completing the documentation

Are you dissatisfied with your current provider?

Let’s discuss the current state and tech stack of your app so we can propose a way forward.

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How We Do It

When we take over a new project, we conduct a thorough audit with the client to pin-point precisely what needs to be addressed. This sets the flow for the rest of the process.

Once the developers have decided on a course of action for the software, a team of dedicated developers – along with any other required roles – is set up for the project. The team carries out a detailed review of the existing source code to determine how much – if any – re-writing may be required. Our QA engineers then perform extensive tests to ensure that the software works perfectly. The system must then be taken on a number of test runs, performed by end-users, to ensure that it meets our customers' needs.

The final phase of our software rescue services involves the provision of on-going post-implementation support and maintenance. In case the end-users encounter any problems in the future, our technical support center will be there to assist them.

Our process is structured in a way that allows us to achieve perfection while remaining flexible, ensuring that we receive regular feedback from clients to make sure we hit the mark. Our team of project recovery specialists will follow up with you at each step of the way.